Thursday, March 24, 2011


hahaahh sike. but remember those? i used to love skorts. i think i wore one to a spice girls concert i went to in the fourth grade. OH yeah.
hahah but anyway. sunnie and i went to the opening of the new forever 21 at the limerick outlets a few weekends ago. while the store itself was a little disappointing (it was SO hyped up) i picked up these cool reddish/pinkish pair of shorts that falls like a skirt. MAHAHA FOOLED YA. i wore it the other week with my new fave lace top/back bra combo. i thought it became somewhat socially acceptable to show a black bra a little (what with the saturation of sex and the city and "all in the name of fashion" attitudes), but then i got funny looks in class. hahah maybe ill put that to rest until a more appropriate occasion than my children's literature class comes up...

also, a job UPDATE!
the interview with mastery charter went well, but i'm still waiting to hear back if i made it to the second round. had an interview with belmont and am going in for a demo lesson in april. also going in for a first round interview with universal charters. i have decided that i hate interviews, they stress me out, and interview clothes suck.
that is all :)


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