Tuesday, March 22, 2011

burns and rashes.

hellooooooo. so, this past saturday i helped out a friend who was doing an engagement photoshoot and i basically used her other camera to take candids of the couple and wider shots of the background.  We were out there from around 11am to 4:30pm.  It was pretty chilly, but really sunny out and the wind was making everything go cuhraaaaazyy.  I was busy trying to keep up with my friend so I wasn't even worrying about how strong the sun might be. After the photoshoot we went to go eat and my boyfriend (Jason) was worried that i got sick because my face was bright red. HAHAHA. I went to go look in the bathroom later and it turns out.... i got burnt to a crisppppp! Jason calls me lobster face now.  it wasn't a shocker because i tend to burn pretty easily... but in like 50 degree weather! whooooodathunkkkkk? Anyway, I just wanted to share a picture that I really liked by the beautiful and most talented Bora Yom!!  If anybody wants engagement pictures done or ANYTHING.. she's your gal. She used me as practice for two hours while we were scoping out the area.

it's a huge file or whatever so the picture came out small (you can click to make it bigger).. but i love the background! you can't even tell i'm in it. 

ANYWAY, the main reason i wanted to write this entry is because my burnt cheeks ended up developing into a RASH. i have no idea how that happened... but now i have a crazy rash on both cheeks. :( thought i would share some pics. 

and these pictures.. i haven't even showered and i'm in sweats and some weird japanese tshirt that i stole from jason haha.

so anyway.. there is my story about my burnt face turning into hideous rashes. not much really goin on in my life right now haha.

tataaaaaaaa, sunnie

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