Sunday, April 17, 2011


it is our lovely sunnie lim's BIRTHDAY! :)))
she is 24 and looking as beautiful as ever! we celebrated yesterday with some color me mine, sushi and games at a friends house! i wish we took some pictures but at least we were all together!

however, i was looking through my old photobooth pictures and i found a series of treasures from two summers ago when the three of did west philly together. HAHAHA. enjoy :)

happy brithday sunnie buns! i love you :)


Monday, April 11, 2011

just another monday.

nobody's updating and i have an hour break before i have to go back to this elementary school to observe (which i should definitely be writing some papers), so i decided to write a short little somethin' somethinggggggg.

So, i am aware that my birthday isn't until Sunday, but i just got the best email of my life today and it is quite possibly the best gift everrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Hello Sunnie,

In honor of your birthday, we've put a SPECIAL SURPRISE on your MyPanera™ Card. If you're too busy celebrating this month, don't worry — your birthday bonus is valid for 60 days from today. We look forward to celebrating with you on your next visit! Enjoy!

— your friends at MyPanera

I HAVE FRIENDS AT PANERAAAA!! MY MOST FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! I CAN'T WAIT TO GO AND GET MY SURPRISEEE! I wonder what it'll be? A free pastry (even though i probs won't be able to eat it) or maybe even a FREE MEAL?! I doubt that.. but a girl can dreaaaammmm.

Anyway, here's a picture of my hair and makeup from this weekend.  I went to my friend's bachelorette party and i wanted to braid my hair so this is what it turned out to look like (don't mind my fugly hook nose i got from my dad):
I'm like braiding queen so i tried to make it look like a double braided headband.. and it turned out like this hahah. My hair pins are from urban, which was a gift from my sister for my 23rd birthday :) i also went very neon with my makeup this weekend which was fun toooo.

And for the last picture, i fooled around with my mac when i was taking care of my little toddler when he was sick:

haha i look like such a freak.. but zac's so cute. LOVE HIM!
okay that is all. eunji should be posting soon with a really yummy recipe and some pics!!!

Friday, April 1, 2011


ughh so lately i've been swamped with work and it's becoming reallllll crazy.  i shouldn't even be updating because i'm still so behind on work even though i've been doing school stuff every waking hour of the day if not nannying. ANYWAY, here's some pics that i took of myself HAHA, but the lighting was cool so i thought i'd share. sorry if it looks madddd awkss.

this one i took accidentally that's why i look angry.. but it could be confused with me trying to pose like a model. HAHAH.

hahahaaa. i look like a hunchback because my computer was down low. ohhhh wells.

i feel like my hair looked pretty this past sunday without anything in it! i had a middle part earlier in the day like the picture in eunji's post, but i thought it looked bad soooo...... yeah. 

THE END! hopefully i'll have time to post something next week haha..

p.s. wearing h&m sheer cropped button up (pale pink) and i would've worn it with just a black bra like i normally do (american apparel made me so scandalous), but i WASS going to church soooo....wooo hoo! and i have a lot more of these pictures hahahah but i'm just gonna spare everyone and just post them on my personal blog :) :)