Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Staying warm

Hey everyone

I'm just sitting at home watching America's Next Top Model and decided that this is probably be a good time to give a little update.  I was meaning to update earlier this week but I've been really busy with work for the past few days.  Everything is starting to pick up and these next three weeks will probably be pretty grueling.

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.... and that light is the light of LAS VEGAS!!

I'm so excited! It's my first time going, and of course there will be a lot of pictures! So look out for those

Anyways, on Sunday I met up with Sunnie after church and we had a little photo session and shopping trip.  It was really cold and the days that I can wear over the knee boots and thicker jackets are dwindling.  That's why I took advantage of the brisk weather and wore winter clothes!!

On Eunji: vintage fur coat; scarf from Prague; over the knee suede boots - Chinese Laundry; grey skinny jeans from S.Korea
On Sunnie: Forever 21 shearling jacket; Vintage scarf; Forever 21 olive cargo pants; Minnetonka moccassins

Thanks to our photographer, Jason, for taking these shots!!! I feel like taking pictures like this is so awkward.  Hopefully I won't stay super awkward in pictures.

<3 eunji

P.S:  Look out for a recipe post soon! Mexican Inspired Hot Dogs... hehe 

Thursday, March 24, 2011


hahaahh sike. but remember those? i used to love skorts. i think i wore one to a spice girls concert i went to in the fourth grade. OH yeah.
hahah but anyway. sunnie and i went to the opening of the new forever 21 at the limerick outlets a few weekends ago. while the store itself was a little disappointing (it was SO hyped up) i picked up these cool reddish/pinkish pair of shorts that falls like a skirt. MAHAHA FOOLED YA. i wore it the other week with my new fave lace top/back bra combo. i thought it became somewhat socially acceptable to show a black bra a little (what with the saturation of sex and the city and "all in the name of fashion" attitudes), but then i got funny looks in class. hahah maybe ill put that to rest until a more appropriate occasion than my children's literature class comes up...

also, a job UPDATE!
the interview with mastery charter went well, but i'm still waiting to hear back if i made it to the second round. had an interview with belmont and am going in for a demo lesson in april. also going in for a first round interview with universal charters. i have decided that i hate interviews, they stress me out, and interview clothes suck.
that is all :)


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Random almost midnight cravings...

Maybe it's because I went to the gym today and didn't eat a lot of dinner before, but I'm getting all these food cravings.  My latest obsession you ask?

Old Country Buffet Hot Fudge Pudding Cake.... with vanilla ice cream

i.  w.a.n.t.  y.o.u   r.i.g.h.t.  n.o.w !

that is all

<3 eunji

burns and rashes.

hellooooooo. so, this past saturday i helped out a friend who was doing an engagement photoshoot and i basically used her other camera to take candids of the couple and wider shots of the background.  We were out there from around 11am to 4:30pm.  It was pretty chilly, but really sunny out and the wind was making everything go cuhraaaaazyy.  I was busy trying to keep up with my friend so I wasn't even worrying about how strong the sun might be. After the photoshoot we went to go eat and my boyfriend (Jason) was worried that i got sick because my face was bright red. HAHAHA. I went to go look in the bathroom later and it turns out.... i got burnt to a crisppppp! Jason calls me lobster face now.  it wasn't a shocker because i tend to burn pretty easily... but in like 50 degree weather! whooooodathunkkkkk? Anyway, I just wanted to share a picture that I really liked by the beautiful and most talented Bora Yom!!  If anybody wants engagement pictures done or ANYTHING.. she's your gal. She used me as practice for two hours while we were scoping out the area.

it's a huge file or whatever so the picture came out small (you can click to make it bigger).. but i love the background! you can't even tell i'm in it. 

ANYWAY, the main reason i wanted to write this entry is because my burnt cheeks ended up developing into a RASH. i have no idea how that happened... but now i have a crazy rash on both cheeks. :( thought i would share some pics. 

and these pictures.. i haven't even showered and i'm in sweats and some weird japanese tshirt that i stole from jason haha.

so anyway.. there is my story about my burnt face turning into hideous rashes. not much really goin on in my life right now haha.

tataaaaaaaa, sunnie

Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello virtual world!  My name is Eunji and I am the last person who will be contributing to this blog.  Sorry for posting so late, but I wasn't even aware that we actually started this!!  It actually came together so quickly.  I'm sitting at the boyfriend's apartment right now and he's watching an NCAA game.  Personally, I feel like I don't have a reason to watch any more of these games because my beloved Wildcats got kicked off already.  I was wearing my Villanova Wildcats hoodie at the mall after my workout on Saturday morning and I received several sad comments from other mall goers.  But, I will still always love my alma mater, and I wish I was still in college.  I'm just finishing up my 2nd year working and being a real "adult".  I'm an accountant but I promise that I'm a lot more interesting and creative than you would think accountants to be.  We really need to break this stereotype people!! 

And this is me!!!! I usually don't wear my glasses too much, but after staring at computer screens for hours during the week, I thought that I would give my eyes a rest. 

My current obsession of the week... SNAKE PRINT BELTS!!!! I bought this beauty for $10 at J.Crew.  In the cream/grey color and also a blush color.  I love it :)

I'm actually wearing this shirt right now.  It's a sheer blouse (you can see the top part of it in my first picture).  I found it at a thrift store a few months ago for $2 or something absurd like that.  I'm wearing it with my flare jeans and espadrilles, trying to go for that bohochic 70's vibe. 

I'm so excited to be posting.  Thanks for reading this!!!  Hopefully this blog will be entertaining, insightful, and will occasionally make you drool with delicious pictures of food.  See you again soon!!   

Tuesday, March 15, 2011


yesssssssss. i am so excited about this blog!! our friendship started summer 09 when we all decided to join a missions team in west philly for a few months. i always struggled in the girlfriends area so i was so excited to have met such great friends during this time.  i remember we were talking about something deep and personal and i suddenly had this outburst and said, "GUYS. i love you so much and you are my kindred spirits." Finding kindred spirits has always been important to me because i am an avid anne of green gables fan.... HAH. anyway! i hope to post some pictures of me and my outfits and also some random thoughts because i'm a coolllll cat like thatttttt. i do love clothes, but i find style so much more interesting. it's cool to see what people come up with especially with no brand, cheapy, vintage stuff. yum. and not everybody will like what i like so... la di dah!!!

anyway!! i'm about to head out to class in 15 minutes so i'm not exactly lookin' too hip hoppin' but i shall post pics anyway. oh by the way, i loveeeeeee lipstick.

cropped sweater from H&M, floral tank from H&M (from my lovely soo), gray jeggings from urban, hot pink lipstick from stila in exhilarating.

you'll see a lot of goofy faces, lipstick, and nostrils from meeeeeeee.


p.s. even if nobody reads this, i'm happy we get to update each other on our lives!!! miss you ladiesssssss. and eunji! you're next busy lady!!!

helllooo out there??

hello everyone! so we have finally decided to do it! this blog is something fun for us to work on and create together as friends and we hope you'll enjoy it to. look out for outfit posts, DIYs, food adventures and more! :)
hahaha so right now im not wearing anything blog-worthy. (im actually in bed with sweatpants on...oh yeah) but i am contemplating a very important outfit for tomorrow...cause...i have an interview! yessirey, for a teaching position at a charter school here in philly. so, fingers crossed! anywho, i wish interview clothes could be more maybe something like this?...

skirt and belt: H&M, lace top: random shop in SoHo, vest: ann taylor (haha, really), shoes: steve madden and neckalces: urban outfitters

eh, but who are we kidding, ill have to wear a boring pant-suit tomorrow..bleh. 
but to end on a happy note, CAN YA FEEL IT?! SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!! :)
love, soo
p.s look out for hello posts from sunnie and eunj! :)