Tuesday, March 15, 2011

helllooo out there??

hello everyone! so we have finally decided to do it! this blog is something fun for us to work on and create together as friends and we hope you'll enjoy it to. look out for outfit posts, DIYs, food adventures and more! :)
hahaha so right now im not wearing anything blog-worthy. (im actually in bed with sweatpants on...oh yeah) but i am contemplating a very important outfit for tomorrow...cause...i have an interview! yessirey, for a teaching position at a charter school here in philly. so, fingers crossed! anywho, i wish interview clothes could be more fun...like maybe something like this?...

skirt and belt: H&M, lace top: random shop in SoHo, vest: ann taylor (haha, really), shoes: steve madden and neckalces: urban outfitters

eh, but who are we kidding, ill have to wear a boring pant-suit tomorrow..bleh. 
but to end on a happy note, CAN YA FEEL IT?! SPRING IS IN THE AIR!!! :)
love, soo
p.s look out for hello posts from sunnie and eunj! :)

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