Tuesday, March 15, 2011


yesssssssss. i am so excited about this blog!! our friendship started summer 09 when we all decided to join a missions team in west philly for a few months. i always struggled in the girlfriends area so i was so excited to have met such great friends during this time.  i remember we were talking about something deep and personal and i suddenly had this outburst and said, "GUYS. i love you so much and you are my kindred spirits." Finding kindred spirits has always been important to me because i am an avid anne of green gables fan.... HAH. anyway! i hope to post some pictures of me and my outfits and also some random thoughts because i'm a coolllll cat like thatttttt. i do love clothes, but i find style so much more interesting. it's cool to see what people come up with especially with no brand, cheapy, vintage stuff. yum. and not everybody will like what i like so... la di dah!!!

anyway!! i'm about to head out to class in 15 minutes so i'm not exactly lookin' too hip hoppin' but i shall post pics anyway. oh by the way, i loveeeeeee lipstick.

cropped sweater from H&M, floral tank from H&M (from my lovely soo), gray jeggings from urban, hot pink lipstick from stila in exhilarating.

you'll see a lot of goofy faces, lipstick, and nostrils from meeeeeeee.


p.s. even if nobody reads this, i'm happy we get to update each other on our lives!!! miss you ladiesssssss. and eunji! you're next busy lady!!!

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