Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Staying warm

Hey everyone

I'm just sitting at home watching America's Next Top Model and decided that this is probably be a good time to give a little update.  I was meaning to update earlier this week but I've been really busy with work for the past few days.  Everything is starting to pick up and these next three weeks will probably be pretty grueling.

But, there is a light at the end of the tunnel.... and that light is the light of LAS VEGAS!!

I'm so excited! It's my first time going, and of course there will be a lot of pictures! So look out for those

Anyways, on Sunday I met up with Sunnie after church and we had a little photo session and shopping trip.  It was really cold and the days that I can wear over the knee boots and thicker jackets are dwindling.  That's why I took advantage of the brisk weather and wore winter clothes!!

On Eunji: vintage fur coat; scarf from Prague; over the knee suede boots - Chinese Laundry; grey skinny jeans from S.Korea
On Sunnie: Forever 21 shearling jacket; Vintage scarf; Forever 21 olive cargo pants; Minnetonka moccassins

Thanks to our photographer, Jason, for taking these shots!!! I feel like taking pictures like this is so awkward.  Hopefully I won't stay super awkward in pictures.

<3 eunji

P.S:  Look out for a recipe post soon! Mexican Inspired Hot Dogs... hehe 

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