Sunday, March 20, 2011


Hello virtual world!  My name is Eunji and I am the last person who will be contributing to this blog.  Sorry for posting so late, but I wasn't even aware that we actually started this!!  It actually came together so quickly.  I'm sitting at the boyfriend's apartment right now and he's watching an NCAA game.  Personally, I feel like I don't have a reason to watch any more of these games because my beloved Wildcats got kicked off already.  I was wearing my Villanova Wildcats hoodie at the mall after my workout on Saturday morning and I received several sad comments from other mall goers.  But, I will still always love my alma mater, and I wish I was still in college.  I'm just finishing up my 2nd year working and being a real "adult".  I'm an accountant but I promise that I'm a lot more interesting and creative than you would think accountants to be.  We really need to break this stereotype people!! 

And this is me!!!! I usually don't wear my glasses too much, but after staring at computer screens for hours during the week, I thought that I would give my eyes a rest. 

My current obsession of the week... SNAKE PRINT BELTS!!!! I bought this beauty for $10 at J.Crew.  In the cream/grey color and also a blush color.  I love it :)

I'm actually wearing this shirt right now.  It's a sheer blouse (you can see the top part of it in my first picture).  I found it at a thrift store a few months ago for $2 or something absurd like that.  I'm wearing it with my flare jeans and espadrilles, trying to go for that bohochic 70's vibe. 

I'm so excited to be posting.  Thanks for reading this!!!  Hopefully this blog will be entertaining, insightful, and will occasionally make you drool with delicious pictures of food.  See you again soon!!   

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